Use conflicts: supporting changes in practice

Water is a public good in limited supply that is not always easy to manage collectively. Farmers, river managers, fishing associations, manufacturers and domestic users all have different types of needs that need to be met. When there are problems, such as accidental pollution or prolonged droughts, the balance between available water resources and usage by the various stakeholders is compromised. Moreover, let’s not forget the rivers themselves and the life they contain, affected most of all! 

Sharing water with team games and simulations

Use conflicts: using role-playing to support public authorities

The Wat-a-Game kit is used to learn how to manage water and river basins by incorporating various scenarios that have an impact on available resources.

Simult'eau: developing a regional model for collective water management

The aim of the Simult'eau project is to simulate various scenarios and evaluate them using a multicriteria approach (respecting water resources, agricultural economics, social dimensions) to clarify choices available to water management stakeholders. The project will be tested in 2 pilot regions: the Adour headwaters and the downstream Tarn. Currently under construction, the model will include various regional elements that are relevant to water management (soil, climate, land use, water resources, irrigated farms, irrigated communities, industries) to illustrate how the water resource operates on a daily basis and what decisions the water management stakeholders (irrigation users, water resource managers, local authorities) must make.


Economic tools to change practices

[Video] Consumption and sharing resources: saving water

Interview with Marielle Montginoul, economist at Irstea, who participated in a survey on household water consumption. The results are online.


Regional Agro-environmental measurements (MAET)

The MAEVEAU project, coordinated by Irstea, developed an integrated method of evaluating the effectiveness of new measurements to preserve water quality in relation to pesticides.


“Water and land use:” the report is online

The General Commission for Sustainable Development (CGDD) has published their final report for the “Water and Land Use” research program, led by the Ministry for Ecology, CNRS and Irstea.