Energy performance and safety characteristics of agricultural equipment

The PSA2 team, based at the technical platform in Antony (92), conducts research, tests and appraisals on the safety and performance of agricultural equipment:

  • to help improve safety in agriculture;
  • to provide concrete solutions consistent with sustainable development to questions related to agriculture.

Research topics

Research unit


The Antony technical platform Energy Performance and Safety Characteristics of Agricultural Equipment


  • Scientific partners

CNAM, ENS CACHAN, CIRAD, EHESP Rennes, University of Valenciennes (LAMIH), University of Orléans (PRISM), ENSAM, INSERM, Paristech

  • Institutional partners

MAAP, CCMSA, OCDE, standards organizations (AFNOR - UNM - CEN - ISO), agricultural organizations (APCA, FNCUMA, BCMA - FNEDT, etc.)

  • Economic partners

Agricultural machinery manufacturers (AGCO, CLAAS), TOTAL, professionals and users of agricultural machinery (cooperatives for using agricultural machinery / CUMA, farmers, entrepreneurs, etc.).

Team composition

Team composition



Thierry Langle

Olivier Chaintreuil
Alain Denis
Marc Hocquel
Thierry Langle
Simon Sayegh
David Tran

Joël Lebreton
Fabien Turchet

The team is based in the Irstea Antony Center – 1 rue Pierre-Gilles de Gennes- CS 10030 – 92761 Antony Cedex – Tel. +33 (0)1 40 96 61 21