Contact : Nicolas LAMOUROUX

Estimhab is an economical model for estimating the ecological impacts of flow management on watercourses (modification of minimum flow rates, adding/removal of weirs). It gives results that are very similar to those provided by the ‘microhabitat’ methods (Phabsim, Evha software) based on simplified input variables (measurements of widths and depths at two flow rates). Estimhab is in spreadsheet (Excel) format in order to ensure simplicity and make changes easier.

Documents to download – Software and user manual

French version

English version

    Specifics on the methods of Estimhab and Evha the use thereof:

    Souchon, Y., Lamouroux, N., Capra, H. and Chandesris, A. (2003). La méthodologie Estimhab dans le paysage des méthodes de microhabitat. Technical note, Cemagref Lyon, Bely Unit, Laboratory of quantitative hydroecology, p.9

    A point of view on the method:
    Sabaton, C. (2003). Méthode des microhabitats dans les cours d'eau – Approche IFIM et Approche ESTIMHAB. EDF Report, Chatou, p. 18