Estuarine ecosystems

Research Unit Aquatic Ecosystems and Global Change (EABX)

Team manager Jérémy Lobry

3 photos: Estuary fish sampling. European intercalibration campaign; fish larva; photo of a marsh

The traditional description of biodiversity does not always reflect ecosystem operation or ecological status. This is particularly the case for estuary ecosystems that are naturally stressed by major environmental constraints and are characterized by poorly diversified ecological communities. However, their biodiversity is quite remarkable and estuary ecosystems are generally linked to a wide variety of ecological functions and with significant biological production.
Research carried out by the team aims to understand and predict the response of estuary ecosystems to environmental changes and multiple human pressures.


The objectives of the team are :

  • to improve evaluation of the ecological operation of estuary ecosystems
  • to define operational indicators relevant to ecological quality


Biodiversity ; shrimps ; estuaries ; habitats ; fish ; trophic network


Ecology ; Modeling ; Statistics

Our team

LOBRY Jérémy, Trophic network modeling
Permanent staff
BOET Philippe, Community ecology (HDR)
BONS Stéphane, Metrology and biological sampling
CASTELNAUD Gérard, Commercial fisheries
LASSALLE Géraldine, Functional ecology
LE BARH Romaric, Biological sampling
LECHENE Alain, Rehabilitation ecology
LEPAGE Mario, Bioindication
Fixed-term staff with contracts for more than 1 year
GAUDARD Clémence, transfer engineer
HEROIN Debora, Animal biology
TEICHERT Nils, Bioindication
PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows
CHEVILLOT Xavier, PhD candidate. Thesis topic: Functional response of estuary ecosystems within the context of global changes: recent evolutions and forecasting scenarios. The case of the trophic network in the Gironde estuary since the 1980s.
LEVESQUE Bérenger, PhD candidate. Thesis topic: Analysis of Palaemon longirostris estuary shrimp to environmental stresses through the development of biochemical and genetic biomarkers.

What has become of our PhD alumni?

PhD Alumni


Professional background

Mélanie BEGUER Bordeaux I Senior research engineer at CEMAGREF on a fixed-term contract, then postdoctoral fellow at Laval University (Quebec), then researcher at Dalhousie University, (Nova Scotia, Canada).
Bruno BOIGONTIER ENSA Toulouse Journalist
Jérémy LOBRY Bordeaux I Senior scientist at Ifremer in Nantes, then engineer at GIP Loire, then senior research engineer at Irstea.
Didier MOUNIE ENSA Toulouse Engineer, Department of Engineering
Delphine NICOLAS Bordeaux I Postdoctoral fellow at the Marine Biological Association of the UK (Plymouth), then senior research engineer at Irstea Aix-en-Provence on a fixed-term contract.
Stéphanie PASQUAUD Bordeaux I Part-time teaching assistant at Bordeaux I University, then senior research engineer at CEMAGREF on a fixed-term contract, then postdoctoral fellow at Lisbon University.
Valérie SAMEDY Bordeaux I Senior research engineer at Irstea Bordeaux on a fixed-term contract, then postdoctoral fellow at Stennis Space Center at the University of Mississippi.