European networks

  • PEER (Partnership for European Environmental Research)

This network brings together seven major European research institutions focusing on the interactions between man and the environment. Through it multidisciplinary approach, PEER integratesknowledge and expertise to achieve sustainable development.

  • EurAqua (European Network of Freshwater Research Organisations)

With members in 23 European countries, EurAqua is the leader in the coordination of European research on water.

  • ALTER-Net (A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network)

Created as a result of the Network of Excellence of the FP6(Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development), ALTER-Net continues driven by its 23 members with the main goal of developing integration amongst research bodies and coordinating research on biodiversity.

Other networks in which Irstea researchers participate:
  • DIADFISH Multidisciplinary analysis of diadromous fish in a globally changing environment
  • EURAGENG European network of Engineering for Agriculture and Environment
  • ENTAM European network for testing of agricultural machines
  • EURAGRI the European Union platform for political and executive organisations in the fields of food and agricultural policy and research
  • LANDSCAPE EUROPE European Network of expertise on landscapes