European partnerships

Irstea works with many European partners through its networks and its participation in European projects.

The main European funding programs in which Irstea is involved are the Framework programme for Research and Technological Development (FP), the interregional cooperation program financed by the ERDF (Interreg) and the environmental financial instrument of the EC (LIFE). Irstea also get involved in other European project such as in response to JPI and ERA-Net calls for tenders, the EuropeAid program, bilateral funding programs etc…

Irstea’s involvement in European projects in 2014

  • 22 FP7 projects
  • 8 Interreg
  • 1 LIFE Nature and Biodiversity
  • 2 other European projects

See the complete list of current projects ongoing in 2014

Review of FP7 projects

The broad objectives of the 7th framework programme (2007-2013) were grouped into four categories: Cooperation, Ideas, People and Capacities. For each category, there are specific programs that work together to promote and encourage the creation of European poles of scientific excellence.

During FP7, Irstea participated in 38 projects including

  • 26 collaborative research projects: 2 were coordinated by Irstea
  • 6 Marie Curie Actions including 4 individual actions (IOF and IIF)
  • 4 Coordination and Support Actions (CSA)
  • 2 Era-Net

Two examples of the FP7 projects coordinated by Irstea

  • PRIMA Prototypical policy impacts on multifunctional economic activities and land use
  • FRISBEE New solutions for improving refrigeration technologies along the food chain

Distribution of Irstea’s participation by FP action (Theme. Number. Percentage)

Irstea is widely present on the “Environment” programme from the “Cooperation” category.

Irstea’s success in FP7


Irstea’s success rate at FP7 increased between 2007 and 2009, peaking at 47% in 2009. The years 2010 and 2013 had the lowest success rate with respectively 17 and 15%. Irstea’s average success rate in FP7 is 25%. For comparison, the average success rate of France in FP7 is also 25%

Evolution of funding received by Irstea within the framework programs for research and development

FP7 (5 years duration) Approx. 6.5 million euros
FP6 (5 years) Approx. 6.1 million euros
FP7 (7 years) Approx. 7.1 million euros

Irstea’s mobilisation in interregional cooperation projects

Irstea participated in 23 Interreg projects during the programmatic period from 2007 and 2013.
Interreg programs opened to different Irstea’s centers and from which we have received fundings are :

  • Alpine Space (8 projects)
  • Alcotra : Bilateral France-Italy (6 projects),
  • Sudoe : Sout-east Europe (3 projects)
  • Bilateral France-Switzerland (2 projets)
  • Atlantique (1 project)
  • NWE : Noth-west Europe (1 project)
  • Upper Rhine (1 project)
  • Mediterranean (1 project)

The total funding received by Irstea through interregional cooperation is 4.8 million euros for the period 2007-2013.

On Alpine Space Interreg project, ongoing in 2014, is coordinated by Irstea-Grenoble :

Newfor  NEW technologies for a better mountain FORest timber mobilization.