The Institute celebrates its 30-year anniversary

In 2011, Cemagref celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. The institute, founded in 1981 and then named “The National Centre of Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Engineering, and Water and Forests" Cemagref has seen its scientific work evolve from agricultural engineering to environmental research over these past thirty years. In thirty years, the institute has transformed and the explanation is to be sought in both its own history - which has always been in tune with societal needs and public policies - and also in the gradual emergence of environmental issues on the national and international agenda over the past decades.

To celebrate these thirty years, we are inviting you to discover on our website, in our publications, in the media and at our events, the current research led by our institute and their history and to connect together all the broader issues of environmental research.

Sylvane Casademont, Director of Communications and PR

A major event: the Research and Environment Forum

Dossier Forum 30 ans [30-year Forum Feature] © IRSTEA

Even before our institute was established, the environment’s emergence as a societal matter required a mobilisation of scientific forces to respond to the various issues.

We therefore have a great debate to propose to our debate throughout 2011 to our peers, our partners, political decision-makers and why not to the general public?

The Research and Environment Forum website







Echos of the institute’s research on its website

Every month in 2011, we published a short journal, Echos, dedicated to research topics which you can browse and read online or download and print. Throughout the year, through our twelve research topics, you can quickly discover the range of research conducted by Cemagref scientists on crucial environmental issues such as water, natural hazards, the impact of human activities on the environment, environmental technologies and sustainable development.

Every month, discover a new issue of Echos dedicated to one of our research topics.


History of the institute

History is a human science responsible for understanding and explaining the evolution of societies and the choices of contemporaries. For this reason, we asked a historian to prepare a small book that puts the history of Cemagref in the great history of our time. It will be published late 2011 by Editions Quae.