GESTE - Territorial management of water and the environment

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The GESTE joint research unit carries out targeted research on a variety of aspects of the management of public environmental services (such as water, sanitation and waste) and public environmental action at different territorial levels.

The GESTE research unit

GESTE researchers develop methods, tools and concepts relating to decision-support, analysis and assessment of public policy, economic regulation of behaviour and social engineering. They work either on national or international projects or directly as part of research-action endeavours or to provide scientific support to public or private partners.

GESTE’s activities are split across two main lines.

Line 1: Sustainable management of services

At a time when they must pre-empt and adapt to climate change, water, sanitation and waste services must also meet new social, environmental and economic challenges and cope with a variety of disturbances over the coming years. The unit’s work is based on a keen understanding of how these services work – thanks, in particular, to long-standing application of engineering and social sciences - and is aimed at producing new knowledge on the subjects investigated and coaching operators and planners involved in water and waste to respond to change.

Key words: performance, heritage management, participation, social access, equality

Line 2: Territorial governance of resources and hazards

Whether using a resource, protecting an area or preserving natural environments, public action today takes place on a variety of scales and involves a multitude of partners. By developing, refining or analysing tools and methods for adjusting behaviour, coordinating stakeholders, performing economic evaluations or assessing public actions, the GESTE unit strives to advance the territorial governance of water, waste and related hazards.


Rémi Barbier
+33 3 88 24 82 48

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