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5 Permanent FTEs - Test benches for geotextiles, geomembranes, geosynthetic barriers and structures consisting of assemblies - EN 17025 Certified.

Specialties: protection against damage to geomembranes - Transfers in sealing materials - Durability of geosynthetics - Stability of geosynthetic on slopes - Testing and certification of geosynthetics.

Socio-economic partnerships: ASQUAL certification (accredited testing) -
Research with producers: Afitex, Colbond, Siplast, etc. contractors (Antea, Burgeap) and clients (SITA, dam operators) - Europe: Naue GmbH (Germany), BASF, etc.

Contact:   Nathalie Touze

Geosynthetics Laboratory

The unit has a laboratory dedicated to geosynthetics. It is equipped with technical means for the study and characterisation of geotextiles and geomembranes.

Contact:   Roland Gallo


Research and trials are conducted with equipment which was mainly developed by the IRSTEA Institute. This work focuses on both the mechanical and hydraulic properties of geosynthetics.

The laboratory, approved by COFRAC , has acquired considerable experience in the hydraulic properties of geotextiles: permeability, opening size and flow capacity in their plane   (Photo 1).

For geomembranes, the laboratory has also developed a test bench (photo 2) to measure their permeability.

Other equipment is used to characterise the behaviour of geomembranes subjected to punching by aggregates or biaxial properties. More conventionally, the laboratory can also characterise their mechanical properties in uniaxial tension (Fig. 3).

Make-up of the team

The laboratory is part of the following team:


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