Hydrology of catchment areas

As part of efforts to enhance water resources’ management and flood-risk prevention, the “Hydrology of catchment areas” team explores the spread of hydrological flows in geographic and temporal terms. To this end it examines various components of catchment areas' hydrological cycles.

The team endeavours to build probabilistic models of the regime of watercourses, gain a better understanding of the climatology of precipitation and determine the extent to which the regime of watercourses can be altered by human activities.
Research is divided into two thematic groups:

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Eric Sauquet

Flora Branger
Isabelle Braud   
Pascal Breil
Isabelle Gouttevin   
Michel Lang     
Etienne Leblois     
Christine Poulard
Benjamin Renard
Jean-Philippe Vidal

Martin Boudou
Laurie Caillouet
Sheng Chen
Lilly-Rose Lagadec
Delphine Porcheron

Christine Barachet
Alexia Chiavariono
François Tilmant
Sylvain Vigneau

Enrique Gonzalez Sosa
Anna Sikorska 

Research unit : HHLY