Irstea (National Institute for Environmental and Agricultural Science and Research) employs 1533 people located throughout the country.

Irstea participates in the heart of Research Ministry organisations, in order to adapt to the fast, far-reaching changes in the research world environment.

Central services in Antony

The central services define the establishment's general policies. They coordinate the research actions and manage the Institute's human, financial and computer needs. Irstea central services are organised into 2 centres:

  • the research and innovation centre bringing together the scientific division, the scientific departments, industrial relations and assessment, European and international relations, scientific and technical information, monitoring and forecasting, plus evaluation.
  • the research support centre is made up of human resources, information systems division, financial divisions, legal affairs and assets.
  • Communication and public relations are attached to the institute president's office.

A network with 9 regional divisions

  • The regional divisions are the local extension of the institute's policy.
  • They hold a unique position in terms of comprehending and meeting the needs of local stakeholders.
  • They house the research life force insofar as the field work actually takes place in local areas.
  • They offer researchers support functions for close-range, field research.
  • Their main contacts are the State's decentralised services in each region and the local government authorities.

Irstea est partie prenante, au sein des organismes du ministère de la recherche, afin de s'adapter aux mutations rapides et profondes de l'environnement du monde de la recherche.