The European Human Resources Strategy “HRS4R”

Irstea has been engaged for several years to complete the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) process by following the recommendations of the European Commission, to obtain the “HR Excellence in Research” award.


  • January 2000 : Creation of the European Research Area (ERA). The European Commission found necessary to reinforce and articulate the European Research policy, in this context the European Charter for researchers was elaborated.
  • February 2005 : publication of the European Charter for researchers and the code of conduct for the recruitment of researcher (C&C), allowing to harmonise the recruitment and the career of researchers in Europe.
  • 2008 : launching of the « HR excellence in Research » award to promote the implementation of the 40 principles from the (C&C).
  • February 2015 : Irstea first commitment to complete the HRS4R process.
  • August 2018 : renewal of Irstea commitment to this strategy.

This award promotes the institutions by contributing their attractiveness from worldwide researchers. It is also taken into account in the cases of European program H2020.
The 40 principles from C&C are divided in the following 4 topics:

  • Ethical and professional aspects
  • Recruitment
  • Working conditions and social security
  • Training

First, Irstea carried out a gap analysis between the principles from the (C&C) and its internal practices. Then, the institute interviewed the researchers to find out about their opinion regarding their career and their working conditions at Irstea. By collecting the two analyses, some areas of improvement have been identified and have led to elaborate the action plan for Irstea.

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