PhD at Irstea

Recruitment for the 2018 PhD campaign is closed

In practice

  • Submission of application on the registration portal PASI : 5 february to 18 may 2018
  • Successfull applications will be selected by the Intake Commitee, chaired by the Deputee Director General for Research and Innovation, in june 2018
  • The display: 17 july 2018
  • Applicants will be notified of decisions in july 2018
  • Contracts starts, at the latest, in the fall 2018
  • PhD students have fixed-term contract with Irstea giving them standard social protection. The contract term is three years
  • Monthly salary (January 2017): 1 874,41 € gross (1 506,46 net)

Applicant must have a Master degree or equivalent when the contract is signed.

The main subjects to be funded by irstea are as follows:



Centers/Research units/Departments

Ecology and conservation of North-Atlantic shads in a climate change context: inputs from a mechanistic species distribution model

Supervisors : Géraldine Lassalle / Patrick Lambert

Bordeaux / EABX / Water
Adaptability and responses of young stages of diadromous fish to environmental conditions, shads and chemical contamination case study

Supervisors : Eric Rochard / Olivier Geffard

Bordeaux - Lyon-Villeurbanne / EABX-RIVERLY/ Water
Changes in risks related to snow extremes: Impact on critical infrastructures under a warming climate in the French Alps

Supervisors : Guillaume Evin / Nicolas Eckert

Grenoble / ETNA /Water

Segregation processes in bedload sediment transport: experimental and theoretical study

Supervisor : Philippe Frey

Grenoble / ETNA / WAter

Flood risks, amenities and residential choices

Supervisor : Katrin Erdlenbruch

Montpellier / G-EAU / Water

Towards an adaptive management for greatly anthropized environments? The case of fish pass facilities

Supervisors : Rémi Barbier / Sara Fernandez

Lyon-Villeurbanne  / GESTE / Water

Influence of fine sediments on the morphodynamics of an alternate gravel bar system in a harnessed mountain river

Supervisor : Benoît Camenen

Lyon-Villeurbanne  / RIVERLY / Water

Influence of street / block flow exchanges during urban floods

Supervisors : Sébastien Proust / André Paquier

Lyon-Villeurbanne  / RIVERLY / Water
Integration of ecotoxicological indicators into multi-scale and multi-pressure models to improve understanding of pressure-impact relationships at basin scale

Supervisors : Bertrand Villeneuve / Olivier Geffard

Lyon-Villeurbanne  / RIVERLY / Water

Multi-omics approach to improve the understanding of toxicity mechanisms linked to lipid metabolism alterations in the sentinel species Gammarus fossarum

Supervisor : Davide Degli-Esposti

Lyon-Villeurbanne  / RIVERLY / Water

Elementary mechanisms of inertial transition in granular media

Supervisors : Stéphane Bonelli / François Nicot

Aix-en-Provence - Grenoble / RECOVER - ETNA / Water

Investigating the coupled effect of the freezing process and storage conditions on the quality of frozen products. Application to porous media

Supervisors : Fatou-Toutie Ndoye / Hayat Benkhelifa

Antony / GPAN / Environmental technologies

Application of big data methods to improve the Local-PLS algorithm in chemometrics

Supervisor : Jean-Michel Roger

Montpellier / ITAP / Environmental technologies

Innovative Method for Spatializing the soil Physical Properties

Supervisors : Rémi Clément / Vivien Dubois

Lyon-Villeurbanne / REVERSAAL / Environmental technologies

Development of an advanced 3D flows measurement technique

Supervisor : Dominique Heitz

Rennes / OPAALE / Environmental technologies

Study of the chemical and biological mechanisms involved in iron and phosphate speciation in WWTP applied to simultaneous recovery and recycling of P and Iron

Supervisors : Marie-Line Daumer / Patrick Dabert

Rennes - Lyon-Villeurbanne / OPAALE - REVERSAAL / Environmental technologies

The role of wild boar and bryophytes in the network of forest interactions: implications for the coexistence of woody species

Supervisors : Anders Marell / Philippe Balandier

Nogent-sur-Vernisson / EFNO / Land use

Regeneration in uneven-aged forests: Detecting risks of abrupt community changes and adaptation of management to global change

Supervisor : Benoît Courbaud

Grenoble / LESSEM / Land use

Economic approach of the residential (de)location by the preferences of the inhabitants of coastal areas facing erosion risk

Supervisors : Jeanne Dachary-Bernard / Mbolatiana Rambonilaza

Bordeaux / ETBX / Land use

Technical, economic, environmental and social efficiency evaluation of French Protected Designation of Origin dairy farms

Supervisors : Dominique Vollet / Philippe Jeanneaux

Clermont-Ferrand / TERRITOIRES / Land use

Developing the potential of lidar systems for UAVS and light aircrafts for the management of French private forests

Supervisor : Sylvie Durrieu

Montpellier / TETIS / Land use

Leverage Multi-Source Remote Sensing data via machine learning to improve Crop Monitoring Systems

Supervisor : Dino Ienco

Montpellier / TETIS / Land use