Sarah-Jane Krieger

Doctoral student in Sociology under joint supervision with the University of Bordeaux 2 University of Quebec in Rimouski

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PhD Thesis (in progress, provisional title): Ownership of environmental issues by users of natural spaces. The example of the recreational uses of the Gironde estuary (France) and Saint-Laurent (Quebec) under the co-supervision of C-H. Cuin (UB2) and N. Lewis (UQAR) and with scientific supervision of V. Deldrève (ADER Research Unit, IRSTEA).

The notion of acceptability is commonly used when referring to issues and measures to preserve natural areas. This incites information and education to residents and other users of these sites and determines a certain consensus on the policies to implement and respects the rules that are already established. However, this notion tends to overshadow the redefinition and adaptation work that users are using based on their own knowledge, experiences and collective belonging. How, after the production of naturalist knowledge, norms and values that govern the identification of environmental issues, can residents and more generally, users, take ownership of, through their own recreational practices, the environmental issues associated with these natural spaces? Three major hypotheses can be formulated to guide this inquiry: firstly, ownership differentiated according to the users’ ecological sensibility (a variable sensitivity with a development that represents the greening process of our societies according to Kalaora); secondly, according to the types of uses observed and the social norms to which they are subject, and finally according to the conservation policies implemented in different national contexts. In order to verify the relevance of our hypotheses, mainly qualitative surveys (for observations and interviews) are conducted in France and Quebec, the heirs of a different story in the preservation of natural areas, which is occurring in the Gironde and Saint Laurent estuaries. In these natural areas, the environmental issues are clearly identified and instigate conservation and political projects; there are also a variety of recreational, land and sea uses.


Krieger S-J.; Deuffic P. (2011) “Dead wood: a sustainable development issue?” Conference from the Hydro-Québec Institute in Environment, Development and society at Laval University: Adaptation to environmental changes: Interdisciplinary perspectives, Quebec, Canada, March 2011.

Rocle N.; Krieger S-J. (2010) “From words to deeds for the local and sustainable management of water: The example of the Robert Bay territory in Martinique," 4th series of days in social science research

 SFER-INRA-CIRAD, Rennes, France, December 2010.



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