Aurore Large

PhD student, optimization of the renewal of drinking water pipes

Skill area

Ongoing and past projects

Current projects :

1-PhD student

Theme : optimization of the renewal of drinking water pipes

Three study sites : Syndicat des Eaux d'île de France(SEDIF), France. Communauté Urbaine of Lyon (Grand Lyon), France. Water service of Lausanne (eauservice), Switzerland.

2-Member of the team which  develop "Casses" software 

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Past projects :

1- Aquadep research programme

This project is funded by the French ministry in charge of sustainable development, the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and IRSTEA.

Analysis of information systems and technico-economic indicators used in several French administrative "départements" (Manche, Rhône, Cantal, Bas-Rhin, Gironde) to manage their water policy and create ‘good practice’ guidelines.

  • Investigation of departmental stakeholders (Town, services of the french Health ministry, Departement, water managers, etc.)
  •  Information systems and indicators assesment, suggestions for improvement
  • Participation in writing a book on governance in "départements"

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2- Research  on how to reduce leaks in drinking water pipes ?

Projet coordinated by the "Conseil Général" of the "Département" of Gironde

3-Member of Waterloss project with "Conseil Général" of the "Département" of Hérault

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IRSTEA Bordeaux
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