Jérôme Le Coz

Scientist, River Hydraulics

Skill area

River Hydraulics and Morphodynamics

Hydrometry and uncertainty analysis

Fluxes of water, sediment and contaminants in rivers

Professional experience

  • Since 2003, scientist with Irstea, Hydrology-Hydraulics, Lyon, France
  • 2015-2016: one-year scientific stay at NIWA Christchurch, New Zealand

Research topics

  • Field measurement technologies (hydrometry, sediment, hydroacoustics)
  • Uncertainty analysis of discharge and flux measurement techniques
  • Suspended particulate matter fluxes in rivers and environmental pollution assessment
  • 1D/2D numerical modelling of river morphodynamics and suspended load
  • Hydraulic restoration of streams and abandoned channels

Education / Diplomas


Supervised PhD students

  • Lorris Gond (2018-2021), Determination of mixing coefficients in a shallow wandering gravel-bed river, such as the Durance River downstream of the Cadarache Dam, Université de Lyon, co-supervisors: Emmanuel Mignot and Nicolas Rivière (INSA Lyon), Lylia Kateb (CEA)
  • Matteo Darienzo (2017-2020), Real-time Bayesian estimation of dynamic stage-discharge models, Université de Grenoble, co-supervisors: Benjamin Renard (Irstea), Michel Lang (Irstea)
  • Guillaume Dramais (2016-2020), Estimation and modelling of sand fluxes in large rivers, Université de Lyon, co-supervisor: Benoît Camenen (Irstea)
  • Sébastien Pouchoulin (2016-2019), Water mixing downstream of a confluence - Improving the modelling of contaminant fluxes in streams and sewage networks, Université de Lyon, co-supervisors: Nicolas Rivière and Emmanuel Mignot (INSA Lyon)
  • Adrien Vergne (2015-2018), Acoustic measurement of suspended sediments in rivers , Université de Grenoble, co-supervisors: Céline Berni (Irstea)
  • Valentin Mansanarez (2013-2016), Non unique stage-discharge relations: Bayesian analysis of complex rating curves and their uncertainties, Université de Grenoble, co-supervisors: Benjamin Renard (Irstea), Michel Lang (Irstea)
  • Marina Launay (2010-2013), Particulate contaminant fluxes in a large, artificialized river: dynamics of the PCB and mercury transported by suspended solids in the French Rhône river, Université de Lyon, co-supervisor: Marina Coquery (Irstea)
  • Claire Béraud (2009-2012), Numerical modelling of sediment feeding impacts in engineered rivers. The case of the Old Rhine, between Kembs and Breisach, Université de Lyon, co-supervisors: Benoît Camenen (Irstea), André Paquier (Irstea)
  • Stephanie A. Moore (2008-2011), Monitoring flow and fluxes of suspended sediment in rivers using sidelooking acoustic Doppler current profilers, Université de Grenoble, co-supervisors: David Hurther (LEGI), André Paquier (Irstea)

Supervised post-doctoral students

  • Emeline Perret (2017-2020), Models for time-varying stage-discharge rating curves
  • Marina Launay (2016-2018), Hydroacoustic measurement and 1-D modelling of suspended sediment in rivers
  • Aurélien Despax (2016-2017, 2018-2020), Uncertainty analysis of ADCP streamgaugings
  • Violaine Dugué (2014-2016), 1-D modelling of stream hydrosedimentary functions
  • Alexandre Hauet (2007-2008), Discharge monitoring in flash-flood prone rivers using video image analysis

Ongoing and past projects

AWATERE (2015-2016)

A one-year scientific stay at NIWA, Christchurch, New Zealand, to work with Graeme Smart, Hilary McMillan and many others on alternative streamgauging technologies and uncertainty analysis of streamflow records in rivers with unstable beds

Rhône Sediment Observatory (OSR, since 2009)
A regional research programme focussing on the morphodynamics and particulate contaminant fluxes in the Rhône river from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea.

FloodScale / HyMEX (2012-2015)
The ANR (National Research Agency) FloodScale project addresses the observation and modelling of Mediterranean flash floods over a range of spatial scales from the hillslope to the regional catchment. FloodScale contributes to the broader HyMEX initiative on the Mediterranean water cycle.

WMO initiative on the « Assessment of the Performance of Flow Measurement Instruments and Techniques » (2008-2016)
I am the IAHS representative in the Management Committee and I am particularly involved in the tasks related to uncertainty analysis of streamgauging techniques and discharge modelling methods, such as rating curves and index velocity relations.

Aquatic habitats of the Ain River (2012-2015)
Within the ZABR/EDF research initiative focussing on the Ain River catchment, we conduct numerical simulation (1D/2D) in order to assess the gravel injection measures and the fish habitat.

Redynamisation of the Old Rhine (2008-2012)
Interreg European project (France/Germany)
Assessment of the feasability, risks and efficiency of sediment artificial feeding measures, using 1D and 2D morphodynamical simulation.

PHC Stefanik (2006-2013)
A longlasting, fruitful bilateral collaboration with the Slovak Water Research Institute (VUVH, Bratislava) on the observation and modelling of morphodynamical changes in large, trained rivers

PHC Dumont d'Urville (2015-2016)
Collaboration with NIWA Christchurch (New Zealand) on the uncertainty analysis of hydrological data and their impacts on water resource modelling

Contributions to software development


A userfriendly processing of image sequences for Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry (LSPIV); codeveloped with EDF and released freely (GPL).


A userfriendly application of a Bayesian approach to the estimation of rating curves and associated uncertainties; released freely under Irstea licence.


A simplified uncertainty propagation approach for velocity-area discharge measurements. The Matlab routine used for research development is not released, but the method has been implemented in the BAREME software used by the French national hydrological services.


A chain of scripts for the operation of automated LSPIV gauging stations (acquisition of image sequences and water levels, data recovery, LSPIV computations, database and internet interface); non released research tool, used routinely on 4 Irstea stations, further development is planned for commercial release

Professional experiences

Training / teaching

  • Annual training course in streamgauging for French Biodiversity Agency (since 2010)
  • Annual training course on ADCP measurements for French national hydrological services (IFORE, 2007-2013)
  • Annual training course on Uncertainties in hydrology and hydrometry (IFORE, since 2017)
  • Lecturer of the IAHR/WMO/IAHS international streamgauging course (Andong-Korea 2013, Hanoi-Vietnam 2014, Queenstown-NZ 2016, Lyon-France 2018)
  • Supervisor of 4 post-doc students, 7 PhD students, 8 engineers and 12 undergraduate students


  • Steering Committee of Groupe Doppler Hydrométrie (since 2005), French-speaking hydrometry technologists, Hydrometry Division of the Société Hydrotechnique de France (SHF), including the organisation of 5 national/international ADCP comparison experiments in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016
  • Member of the national standardisation committee "Hydrométrie" (AFNOR X10C, since 2014)
  • Chair of the international committee of the IAHR/WMO/IAHS international streamgauging course
  • Member of the International Scientific Committee of the Andong River Experiment Center (KICT, Korea)
  • From 2007 to 2012, head of the Measurement group of HHLY research unit (5 technicians/engineers)
  • Organisation committee of the SHF Hydrométrie2013 conference (member) and Hydrométrie2017 (chair)
  • Co-convener of the Hydrometry session of the EGU annual conference (2015-2019)
  • Reviewer of +60 scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals and for 4 research project proposals for NSERC-CRSNG (Canada), Research Council of Norway, National Research Foundation (Singapore), and Innovation Canada.
  • Member of 7 PhD defense committees: Mickaël Bricault (2006, examinateur, Université de Grenoble), Laura Jugaru (2009, examinateur, Aix-Marseille Université), Thomas Morlot (2014, rapporteur, Université de Grenoble), Valentin Wendling (2015, examinateur, Université de Grenoble), Aurélien Despax (2016, invité, Université de Grenoble), Flavie Druine (2018, rapporteur, Université de Rouen), Xiaoxiao Zhu (2019, examinateur, INSA Lyon)

Invited lectures

  • Le Coz, J. (2017) Operational methods for establishing rating curves and discharge time series, and computing their uncertainties, K-water Seminar, 18 October 2017, Daejeon, Korea

  • Le Coz, J. (2017) Measuring the uncertainty of stream gauging techniques using repeated measures experiments, Andong River Experiment Forum (AREF), 16 October 2017, Ilsan, Korea.

  • Le Coz, J., and  Dramais, G. (2016) - Non intrusive flood gauging techniques, 15 July 2016, USGS, Urbana-Champaign, USA.

  • Le Coz, J., and  Dramais, G. (2016) - Non intrusive flood gauging techniques, New Zealand Hydrological Society Technical Workshop, 5th and 6th April 2016, Gisborne, New Zealand

  • Le Coz, J. (2013) – Indirect determination of peak discharge, 2nd WMO/IAHR Training Course on Stream Gauging, 4-6 September, 2013, Andong, Korea.
  • Le Coz, J. (2013) – Discharge rating using the velocity index method and surface velocity coefficients, 2nd WMO/IAHR Training Course on Stream Gauging, 4-6 September, 2013, Andong, Korea.
  • Le Coz, J., Dramais, G., Atmane, D., Blanquart, B., Pierrefeu, G., Pobanz, K. (2012) Field comparison tests: The empirical assessment of uncertainty. Application to ADCP regattas, International Workshop on Hydrometry, 7-11 May, 2012, Manaus, Brazil.
  • Le Coz, J., Bonnifait, L., Renard, B., Branger, F. (2012) Derivation of stage-discharge relations including Bayesian techniques and uncertainty analysis, International Workshop on Hydrometry, 7-11 May, 2012, Manaus, Brazil.
  • Le Coz, J. (2008) Challenges in Hydrometry: Some Examples from France, Experiences and Advancements in Hydrometry, 17 March, 2008, Seoul, Korea.


Hydrometry: new measurement technologies

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Hydrometry: uncertainty analysis


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Sediment and contaminant fluxes in rivers

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River morphodynamics


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Research and technical papers in French

Launay, M., Le Coz, J., Diouf, S., Camenen, B., Thollet, F., Coquery, M. (2019) Réévaluation des apports moyens de matières en suspension de l'Arve au Rhône [Re-estimation of mean suspended solid delivery of the Arve River to the Rhône River], La Houille Blanche, 2, 89-100

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