Catherine LEIGH

Postdoctoral Researcher

Skill area


Published, in press and accepted

  • Datry T, Pella H, Leigh C, Bonada N, Hugueny B. (In press) A landscape approach to advance intermittent river ecology. Freshwater Biology.
  • Leigh C, Boulton AJ, Courtwright JL,Fritz K, May CL, Walker RH, Datry T. (2015) Ecological research and management of intermittent rivers: an historical review and future directions. Freshwater Biology, Online Early.
  • Leigh C, Watkinson A, Bruford MA. (2015) Effects of extreme inflows on the water quality and phytoplankton of seven reservoirs in subtropical Australia. Inland Waters 5, 240-252
  • Rolls RJ, Leigh C, Langhans SD. (2015) Improving science through improved acknowledgment of reviewers. Conservation Biology 29, 307-308.
  • Leigh C, Bush A, Harrison ET, Ho SS, Luke L, Rolls RJ, Ledger ME. (2014) Ecological effects of extreme climatic events on riverine ecosystems: insights from Australia. Freshwater Biology, Online Early.
  • Leigh C, Reis TM, Sheldon F. (2013) High potential subsidy of dry-season aquatic fauna to consumers in riparian zones of wet–dry tropical rivers. Inland Waters 3, 411-420.
  • Leigh C, Burford MA, Connolly RM, Olley JM, Saeck E, Sheldon F, Smart JCR, Bunn SE. (2013) Science to support management of receiving waters in an event-driven ecosystem: from land to river to sea. Water 5: 780-797.
  • Leigh C (2013) Dry season changes in macroinvertebrate assemblages of highly seasonal rivers: responses to low flow, no flow and antecedent hydrology. Hydrobiologia 703, 95-112.
  • Leigh C, Stubbington R, Sheldon F, Boulton AJ (2013) Hyporheic zone invertebrates as biomonitors of temporary rivers: a global analysis. Ecological Indicators 32, 62-73.
  • Bunn SE, Leigh C, Jardine T (2013) Diet-tissue fractionation of δ15N by consumers from streams and rivers. Limnology and Oceanography 58, 765-773.
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  • Leigh C, Sheldon F (2008) Hydrological changes and ecological impacts associated with water resource development in large floodplain rivers in the Australian tropics. River Research and Applications 24, 1251-1270.


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