Defining the contours of ecological engineering

A summary of discussions which took place between ecological engineering specialists during a national conference in Annecy-Talloires in June 2012, the book Ecological engineering: action for and/or by the living ? was published by Editions Quae at the end of March. It examines ecological engineering from a semantic, epistemological and ethical perspective. The questions addressed by the book include : can ecological engineering be defined as action for and/or by the living ? Can it claim to be a separate scientific discipline ?

Targeting scientists, teachers, engineers and technicians as well as managers and decision makers, the book discusses new contexts in order to advance environmental research and encourage innovation to support ecological engineering, with an eventual aim of defining a shared vision of ecological engineering.…

Freddy Rey and Frédéric Gosselin, both researchers and subject specialists at Irstea, coordinated the project with Antoine Doré, research manager at Inra Toulouse. Ecological engineering is a significant part of Irstea's identity, with the subject first appearing in the early 1990s, focusing on the applied nature of the research. It was therefore logical that Irstea would participate in defining the meaning and contours of ecological engineering.

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