Research on a regional scale

Designed within the regions concerned and directly related to the concerns of their stakeholders, PSDR programs are original programs that are in a constant state of evolution.

In its 4th version (PSDR4), launched on September 29 with INRA, Ifsttar and Irstea, it focuses on the promotion of scientific results and their translation into effective tools and devices. For each project selected, a fourth year of research, in place of the first three years, will be devoted to recovery and transfer activities.

As a further development, the 3 research organizations (INRA, Irstea and Ifsttar) and the regional councils involved intend to adapt the program's research themes so that they reflect the concerns of regional economic, social and public stakeholders, as well as the broader principles behind European regional policy and the CAP.

All of which constitutes a welcome revival for this program, which dates all the way back to 1996!

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