The research led at Irstea which combines disciplines and which are stipulated by contract and anchored in real life cannot be conceived without making use of highly developed partnerships.

Actually, Irstea holds an original and special place in the French research system, bringing together fundamental research, public authorities and public or private users. It questions other research organisations, stimulates basic research and gets resources from contact with what's really going on in situ.

Irstea has prioritised joining the French and international scientific community ever since it became an EPST (Public Science and Technology Establishment) in 1985. Its partnership with higher education and research is constantly progressing.

Its research is naturally open to multiple and diversified partnerships. It puts its skills at the service of the needs expressed by the ministries in charge of Agriculture and the Environment, in addition to local authorities. It develops joint research with industry and design offices. These multiple partnerships guarantee open research over specific matters.

The negotiation of all our research programmes boils down to the relevance and usefulness of the work produced whilst also making a determining contribution to the institute's budget.

One example of partnership

The economic interest group Cemafroid