Creation of Companies

Irstea is committed to the creation of companies with local partner incubators.

The start-ups that benefit from Irstea technology transfer can be nurtured within its laboratories or in its Minéa incubator.

If you are interested in Irstea innovative technology and you want to create a company, contact us.

Be nurtured at Irstea

As an upcoming company founder, you have a project that fits with our research domains or you are interested in one of our innovative technological offers designed to help you to start your own start-up.

We can nurture you in our Minéa incubator in Montpellier or in one of our laboratories located on one of our other sites (contact)

Be nurtured at Irstea:

  • set up your project in a proven scientific environment,
  • have access to scientific expertise and techniques in our fully equipped labs,
  • get help completing a proper feasibility study,
  • be guided in preparing the presentation of your project to local incubators,
  • find legal, tax and marketing assistance through an Irstea partner.

This environment helps you to develop your project to maturity while working closely with our research teams and using our extensive scientific equipment.

Conditions for acceptance into the incubation programme

In order to be accepted into the incubation program, you must have a coherent project and be eligible.
The following is also required:

  1. Creation of a project presentation,
  2. Validation of your project by the Irstea selection committee,
  3. Presentation of your project at the local incubator.

The selection committee examines the quality of your project as well as its innovative nature. It also evaluates the scientific and technical means necessary to carry out the project, the choice of scientific team and, finally, project maturity.

The selection process takes approximately three months; if successful, these various stages lead to the signing of special agreements:

  1. An acceptance agreement between Irstea and the project-owner
  2. An agreement between the project-owner and the local incubator

Once these formalities are completed, the project-owner is welcomed into the Irstea institution.
Typically, the incubation phase lasts between one and two years. This phase is usually characterised by financial assistance from various sources including Oséo, State and Collective Local Incubators.
At the end of the incubation, the project-owner must be able to create their company. They will be responsible for reimbursing part of the aid received in accordance with the contract protocol negotiated at the beginning of the incubation period.


Minéa, Irstea's incubator in Montpellier