Start-ups (Z Project)

Sensor solutions based on electric impedance spectroscopy for environmental and food processing applications.

The future company will provide measuring tools able to measure the quality of fluids and water or to facilitate fermentation monitoring (wine, beer). Specifically, on-line monitoring will be carried out to measure the characteristics of an environment by correlating an electrical signal with physical and chemical data without any human intervention. The innovative nature of this project lies in the optimisation of electric impedance spectroscopy measurements using mathematical processing designed specifically for this purpose.

  • Minéa incubation start date: December 2012.
  • Co-founders: Olivier Zebic, Thierry Ferrand, Maxime Fargues.
  • Associated Irstea research units: UMR ITAP (COMIC group), Montpellier and TSCF Research Unit, Carac’Terre team (Clermont-Ferrand).



BioMA-monitoring Project

Using new indicators to diagnose and monitor chemical contamination and toxicity in rivers

The European Water Framework Directive (EWFD) requires that managers of aquatic environments establish methods to assess their state and ensure that a 'good ecological state' is maintained. The adjusted measuring tool uses gammarus, a small fresh water prawn (the species used, Gammarus fossarum, is very common in French and European rivers). The process, supported by 16 scientific publications, includes: - exposure of these indicator organisms in the field, which is the only guarantee of an environmentally realistic approach; - analysis of their responses (bio-accumulation and toxicity markers); - definition of reference (standard) values for 37 key contaminants as defined by the EWFD (cadmium, lead, mercury, lindane, DDTs and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and several toxicity markers (reproduction and feed rate). Using these toxicity markers, bioavailable contamination and/or toxicity of the environment under study are respectively highlighted.


Successfully nurtured companies 






Management solutions for plants on hydraulic structures

  • Company founded in December 2012
  • Founder: Caroline Zanetti
  • Incubation began in 2012? The project was taken in by the Impulse incubator (Marseille).
  • Associated Irstea research unit: OHAX Research Unit, Hydraulic Structures, Aix-en-Provence

Based on a unique knowledge and simulation tool developed by Irstea, the company will offer managers and owners expertise and management solutions with maintenance follow-up for plants growing on hydraulic structures on embankments. At the same time, and in collaboration with Irstea, the company will develop an upstream R&D portfolio with the aim of developing new models and tools to manage risks linked to plants.




Ingénierie des territoires agricoles

Agricultural Engineering

Technical, economic and environmental modelling of agricultural activities in collaboration with local stakeholders. Diataé provides ad hoc solutions to territorial collectives, professional groups and public establishments which are confronted with issues in terms of agricultural activities subject to strong economic, environmental, regulatory and societal constraints.

  • Incubation start date: October 2009.
  • Co-founders: Laurent Brunel, Gabrielle Rucheton, Jacques Fabre.
  • Associated Irstea research units : UMR G-EAU, Montpellier and CIHEAM-IAM de Montpellier.



Lisode   Business Card   Interview


Human and Social Sciences–Participative Processes
Lisode plays a liaison role  between the research and service sectors; it supports local government by providing research, counselling and training. 

  • A cooperative company specialising in research and engineering of participative processes.
  • Co-founders:  Mathieu Dionnet, Yorck von Korff, Jean-Emmanuel Rougier and Clément Geney.
  • Associated Irstea research units : UMR G-EAU, Montpellier and Cirad.







Software Engineering – Free Software – Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
3LIZ is a free software service company specialised in geographic information systems (GIS) as well as web development.

  • Limited corporation (SRL) founded by René Luc d'Hont in 2006.
  • Associated Irstea research units : UMR TETIS, Montpellier and Alès School of Mines.


TIC, Precision Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture.

Tixad offers an integrated tool for the application and traceability of plant protection products.

  • Founded in February 2010.
  • Co-founders: Serge Nicolle, Marc Grenet and Henri Bouillot.

Associated Irstea research unit: UMR ITAP Montpellier.



Intelligent Systems
Specialised in on-board computer vision software and signal-processing, Effidence designs artificial intelligence systems based on technology involving the cognitive analysis and interpretation of multi-sensor signals in real time. Having worked on automated vehicles, Effidence is now developing intelligent surveillance systems.

  • Founded on 23 January 2009 by Cédric Tessier and Sébastien Bonnet.
  • Associated Irstea research unit : UR TSCF, Clermont-Ferrand and CNRS-LASMEA (CNRS laboraory - Blaise Pascal University).


L'avion jaune





Drone Design – Acquisition and Processing of Aerial Imagery 
In parallel with imaging activities in France, mainly with ULM but particularly in the context of drones, Avion Jaune is currently developing endurance drones for future applications: marine environment, tropical forests, polar regions.

  • Founded by Bruno Roux, Michel Assembaum and Michel Gavart.
  • Associated Irstea research unit : UMR TETIS, Montpellier




Oléobois offers natural oleo-thermic treatments for wood. It helps sawmills and wood manufacturers to diversify their services to respond to the increasing demand for environmentally sensitive products and to increase their value-added contributions to products (HEQ oiled, thermo-wood).

  • Founded by Rémi Thomas and Olivier Dumonceaud, former Irstea and LMGC CNRS doctoral students, respectively.
  • Associated Irstea research unit : UMR ITAP, Montpellier



Ondalys  Business Card  Interview             


Data analysis.
Ondalys offers services and training for the analysis of a variety of data to help industrialists to control their products and processes more effectively. Fields of application include agri-agro, pharmacy and petrochemical.

A subsidiary, INDATECH, specialises in the design of optical sensors:

  • Associated Irstea research unit : UMR ITAP, Montpellier