Support adapted to the new needs of public action

Irstea is a public targeted research organisation, clearly and fully recognised within the national and European scientific community. Its works ensure it the necessary legitimacy to get involved with significant projects in response to society's demands and in support of public policies. It provides support for central and decentralised ministerial services, divisional local authorities, agencies and public establishments.

As an engineering sciences reference in the sustainable management of water and land use, Irstea's activities have the common purpose of producing or controlling collective goods and services.

The thematic fields where it lends its support refer to problems that might interest several partners, particularly public partners (ministries in charge, other technical ministries, other organisations, etc.).

These support works translate the research results into development and appraisal subjects, in response to social demand, and inversely feed the research with new questions.

Operable results are an essential goal to provide central administrations such as decentralised services with (scientific and technical) methods and tools that they require in terms of action on biophysical parameters and the opportunity to work on participant systems or economic levers.

Irstea contributes in its areas of expertise to drawing up legislative and regulation texts, transcribing them in operational terms and implementing them; it provides methodological support to public policy assessment.

For this purpose, it carries out studies and appraisals, particularly collective scientific and technical appraisals; it produces methods, software, guides and reference documents responding to the ground operator's needs; and it participates in initial and continuous training.