On-board 2D scanner to measure tire deformation

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Optimizing "off-road", and specifically farming, tire performance allows reducing energy consumption and soil compaction.

In-situ measuring devices, operating under usual usage conditions, are therefore required to: --Validate simulation results, --Understand and develop wheel-soil interaction models, --Evaluate the impact of the mechanical properties of soil on tire deformation.

On-board devices to measure tire deformation can be used to collect dynamic data typical of wheel-soil interactions while driving.

Technical Description

This integrated measuring device is fixed to the rim inside a tire. Each measurement taken is georeferenced using angle sensors that provide the angular position of the wheel and the measurement beam in real time.


  • Obtaining reliable and accurate deformation measurements for the whole internal envelope of the tire in operation (accuracy: 1 mm)
  • Reconstructing of a three-dimensional model of the internal tire envelope after each tire revolution using calculation methods
  • Estimating the wheel-soil contact area, potentially identifying areas of pinching and tire heating (obstacle clearance situations)
  • Comparison tool for various tire technologies

Potential Applications

  • Areas:  Agricultural equipment (deformation measurement, agricultural tires, 2D scans, 3D reconstruction

Development Stage

  • An instrumented prototype incorporating the technology is available and operational.

IP Rights

  • Patent deposit no. FR1751200

Research Team(s)

Michel Berducat, UR TSCF, Irstea Clermont-Ferrand


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