Optimized air flow on a canon mist blower to improve both spray range and distribution implementation of a sprayer cannon with air-supported stream

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A prototype was designed for crop protection purpose but the principle can be adapted to various domains that require the transport of air and droplets on wide ranges (industrial painting, cleaning techniques, snow canons, etc.).

Technical Description

In the agricultural domain, this canon mist blower improves the spray range as well as the distribution evenness along the spray range. 

Treating and protecting crops is a major issue for the farming sector. Since the emergence of intensive farming techniques, the use of treatment products has risen continually. Because of this, it has today become necessary to take the impact of these treatments on the environment and biodiversity into account.

The treatment distance covered by today’s spray cannons remain relatively short, and the regularity of the treatment liquid drops spread over the treated zone is relatively poor. These two factors oblige farm operators to pass over the area several times, in crossing patterns, to ensure that the entire zone is treated appropriately.


  • This invention improves the spraying distance covered by the air-supported stream, as well as the distribution regularity of treatment product drops over the target zone
  • Easiness of implementation in other domains
  • Limited cost

Potential Applications

  • Agriculture > Crop protection
  • Environment > vector control in natural areas
  • Industry > painting for automotive, airspace, railways, industrial cleaning
  • Construction> painting
  • Equipments > snow canon
  • Food industry> Milk powder production
  • Energy, electronic (coating), heath (sprays)

Development Stage

  • Agriculture: Operational prototype (TRL 7)
  • Other domains: TRL 6

IP Rights

  • Patent no.FR3023495 

Research Team(s)

Jean-Paul Douzals, Irstea Montpellier, UMR ITAP


DIVAC - Pôle Valorisation – Transfert - divac.valorisationt@irstea.fr