DryPlant, software to predict drying kinetics on surfaces in a food processing plant, microbial growth and size of the air dehumidifier

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How can humidity be managed in food processing plant after cleaning by water? How to improve drying  in order to reduce the proliferation of bacteria on surfaces? DryPlant is a numerical tool to predict drying kinetics, in function of the characteristics of air in a food plant.

Proprietary software, DryPlant predicts the drying kinetics on various surfaces (ground, walls, equipment), in function of the ambient conditions (temperature, relative humidity and air velocity), as well as the microbial load of these surfaces and the size of the air dehumidifier required to reduce efficiently humidity in the plant.

Technical Description

Users enter their data into the software in accordance with the parameters of their plant, then, the impact of cleaning on humidity on wall, ground, equipment and bacterial development (Listeria inactivation) can be visualized.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • Language: developed with Matlab®

DryPlant was developed as part of the ANR EcoSec program (2013-2016), providing solutions for air dehumidification that minimize the survival of Listeria monocytogenes in refrigerating plants while still allowing energy savings.


  • Energy savings
  • Managing residual water: improving plant drying, decreasing microbial growth

Potential Applications


  • Plant design; size of dehumidifiers
  • Food safety (monitoring bacteria load)
  • Manufacturing chill products (uncooked mixtures, butchery, etc.)

Development Stage

  • Stable version

IP Rights

  • Software deposit APP no. IDDN FR.001.150014.000.S.C.2017.000.10000
  • Joint ownership: Irstea - ANSES - AgroParisTech

Research Team(s)

Onrawee Laguerre et Evelyne Derens-Bertheau, Irstea Antony, UR GPAN


DIVAC / Pôle Valorisation – Transfert - divac.valorisation.fr