Production and knowledge diffusion

Total number of publications in 2010 (1417)

This figure is higher than that of 2009 on the same date (1224).

In 2010, the number of articles published by Irstea scientists in peer-reviewed scientific journals is 366. That represents 26% of total publications.

The graph below illustrates the multi-year growth in the number of co-publications and shows the sharp growth in co-publications since 2005 between overseas research organisations and French universities, which reflects Irstea’s inclusion in both national and international academic communities.

Evolution pluriannuelle du nombre des co-publications

 For 2010, the number of research reports stands at 207, which is a slight rise compared with 2009 (197).

The number of written communications for congress is currently increasing sharply, rising from 461 in 2009 to 582 in 2010 (which represents 41% of total publications). The institute’s agents published 14 new books in 2010: 2 technical books and 12 scientific summary works.

In 2010, 32 theses and 3 HDR (accreditation to supervise doctoral research) theses were submitted.

Evolution pluriannuelle du nombre de certains types de publications