Recent support operations

Some examples of recent support operations: support in the implementation of the DCE (European Water Framework Directive), the production of documents, software development etc.

The management of water resources and aquatic environments

  • Support for the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive through the development of work and tools for use in the MEEDDAT (Ministry of ecology, energy, sustainable development and Spatial Planning) services and during participation in the work of the national and European groups.
  • Technical assistance in the water policy service for their control missions on dam operations, dikes and other forms of protection against floods in partnership with the MEEDDAT and the MTETM - Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure, Tourism and the Sea (PATOUH – technical support for hydraulic structures). In terms of dykes, the special issue of the Engineering-EAT (Water and Territories) review dedicated to their safety provides information on the latest developments in the field.
  • Irrigation conditions in France and the probable impact of the new PAC (common agricultural policy) upon this.
  • Participation in the joint scientific appraisal, “Pesticides, agriculture and the environment”, in order to better determine the tools to develop in the reduction of pesticide usage, while limiting the impact on the environment.

Public water supply

  • The production of FNDAE (national fund for the development of the water supply) technical documents.
  • The development and diffusion of the PORTEAU software, a sizing tool for WSS networks.
  • Participation in the continued training of engineers on the filtration processes or the management of water and sanitation services (AEP).
  • Methodological support to the Urban Community of Nantes for improved knowledge of water consumption and development.

Predominantly rural areas

  • Predominantly rural areas.
  • The development of contractual tools for land management.
  • Supporting regulations for forest plant material.
  • Characterisation of the importance of waste at the National Observatory of cervid damage in forests.
  • Condition of Natura 2000 sites in France.
  • Updates to the avalanche database system in partnership with the MEEDDAT and the ONF (National Forestry Office).

The eco-technologies and physical processes to ensure food safety

  • The special issue of the Engineering-EAT review dedicated to technologies for sustainable agro-systems demonstrates Irstea’s involvement in this area.
  • The development and diffusion of the DATAFRIG software, a control device for reefer vessel engines by the EIG Cemafroid.
  • Logistical and technical support for the approval cell of MAP agricultural tractors.

Spatially referenced information systems

  • Running thematic applications (SIGEMO – computerised system for managing the spread of organic matter; GIEA – Information management of agricultural holdings, etc.).
  • Participation in the continued training of MAP service agents for the implementation of spatially referenced information systems (SIRS).
  • Assistance in the choice of a repository system of geographical information for the MAP and the MTETM.