Téléphone :
+33 (0)2 23 48 21 21
Adresse :
17 Avenue de Cucillé - CS 64427 - 35044 Rennes

The Rennes Research Centre is one of nine Irstea sites and a French EPST (Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishment).

It is located on the 4,000 m2 Beauregard site, workplace to about sixty permanent staff including 30 engineers and research and twenty doctoral and post-doctoral students and staff on fixed-term contracts.

Its work in research, advancement of knowledge and support of public environmental policies focus on 2 fields:

  • the knowledge and improvement of the quality and safety of food products, transformation processes and more generally, expertise in the industrial processes applied to the agricultural and food industry (IAA).
  • the conception and development of bioprocesses for the treatment of waste and organic effluent (municipal waste, agricultural-food industry effluent, livestock farming effluent) and their management.

The Irstea Rennes Centre is an associate member of the PRES UEB (European University of Brittany’s Centre of Research and Higher Education) since 9 June 2008.

The pertinence and the quality of research works also stem from the participation of teams in a dense network of partnerships which are diverse in nature: scientific, institutional and industrial.

Research unit

Optimization of Processes in Agriculture, Agri-food and the Environment (OPAALE)

In figures

  • 2 research units
  • 60 permanent staff of which half are researchers and engineers
  • 20 doctoral and post-doctoral students
  • 25 trainees from higher education facilities
  • an annual budget of approximately 2 million euros (operations – equipment)

Practical information