Rennes Platform, Structural and Metabolic Imaging and Spectroscopy

11 Permanent FTEs

  • Part of the PRISM platform, labelled "emerging IBISA" and "strategic" INRA
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Stock of research equipment – NMR and MRI coupled with MRI compatible food processing "cells" (from -30°C to + 200°C), and an X-ray scanner

Specialties: MRI and NMR quantitative methodologies applied to biological products – Proposes characterisation of structures at different scales:
Molecular/microscopic level of tissue/macroscopic level of products - non-destructive and continuous characterisation of processed products: drying, rehydration, draining, maturation, cooking, freezing, fermentation, etc. – by sector: dairy products – pastry and bakery products – meat products.

Professional socio-economic partnerships: CTCPA, Sysaaf, IFIP – Industrial socio-economic partnerships: Schaer, Bongrain, Cecab, Pasquier, Bel, Gaillard Patisserie, Gourmet Patisserie, La Mie Câline, etc

Contact : François Mariette

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