OPAALE - Optimization of Processes in Agriculture, Agri-food and the Environment

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The OPAALE research unit focuses its research on environmental waste management and improving industrial agri-food processes. The teams at the research unit conduct applied research that aims at reducing and recovering agricultural and urban waste on a regional scale, improving food quality and safety, and developing energy-efficient processes that take into account economic and environmental factors.

The unit’s scientific activity is focused on environmental and agri-food process engineering, technologies and management of bioresources and bioproducts.

Its research aims are to define innovative environmental technologies that can identify and transform bioproducts and recover derived products as well as to promote simulation tools that support the decision-making process.

These activities are carried out in two distinct fields: organic waste and effluent – food and biological products.

The unit’s scientific process is based on three complementary and interdisciplinary approaches:

  • Multiscale, dynamic study and characterization of complex organic matrices
  • Study and characterization of airflow and gas emissions
  • Multiscale modeling of processes, procedures and sectors, environmental evaluation




Strategies for Improving the Industry and Reducing Impacts 



Agronomic and Energy Recovery Processes for Organic Waste


These two teams are part of the Wastewater and Waste Treatment and Processes Research Topic.



Characterization through NMR-MRI of Agri-food Products and Their Processing

ACTA  -  Fluminance Irstea and Inria

Aeraulics and Controlling Turbulent Atmospheres


The MRI-Food and Acta teams are part of the Structures, Processes, Flow, Energy Research Topic.


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Equipment and Facilities


Cooking and thermoregulation equipment

Low-speed aeraulic wind tunnel

Tools for experimental simulation of processes

NMR spectrometers

Laboratories for chemical and microbiological analysis


Tools for characterization of waste and effluent