PROSE - Hydrosystems and bioprocesses

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The Bioprocesses research unit focuses on technologies (bioprocesses for domestic waste and wastewater treatment).

The unit’s models and expertise can be applied to:

  • engineering for wastewater treatment plants and waste processing storage facilities (storage, anaerobic digestion)

The PROSE research unit

Investigations into the operation of waste storage facilities focus on water and leachate transfers and how these transfers influence changes in waste and the sustainable management of any associated environmental risks.

A recent line of waste management research looked at understanding and optimizing the use of microbial ecosystems within organic waste treatment and recovery bioprocesses. Foundations for the environmental engineering of microbial bioprocesses have been laid in order to encourage innovation and maximize the services obtained.

Research topics





Facilities and equipment



Partners and Higher Education

Important socioeconomic partners

Public (75% of own resources)

  • ANR , CE (Horizon 2020), Ministries of Research, Agriculture and Ecology
  • EDF, Météo-France, Schapi, AESN, DDT, ONEMA
  • Ile-de-France Regional Council

Private (25% of own resources)

  • Suez, Véolia, SAUR, CREED
  • Afitex, Les Champs Jouault, Aqui'brie, Eaux de Paris

Important scientific partners

  • Public institutions: CNRS, IRD, INRA, CEH Wallingford, Université Laval, CSIRO, Tongji University
  • Scientific associations: ASTEE, IWRA, AISH, CFG, IGS

Higher education

  • Grandes écoles (selective business and engineering schools): AgroParistech, ENPC, INSA, ENSTA, ENGEES
  • Universities: Paris VI, Paris XI, Paris XII, Laval, Tongji
  • Training centers: OIEau, ONEMA, ENT


Head of the research unit: Théodore BOUCHEZ 
 Irstea Antony Center
1, rue Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, Antony Cedex CS 10030
+33 1 40 96 60 40

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