The theoretical hydrographic network (FR: RHT) is an extension of the flowing and oriented hydrographic networks known as the Principal Drainage (FR: DP, level 1, Pella et al., 2006 - Drain principal natural) and the extended hydrographic network (FR: RHE, level 2, Pella et al., 2008, 02_Rht), respectively.

Contact : Hervé PELLA

A theoretical hydrographic network (RHT) was calculated based on the extended hydrographic network (RHE, download the article by Pella et al., 2008) and the BD Alti® digital evaluation model with a 50 m grid width of the French Geographic Institute (IGN). The method employed makes it possible to plug the network into the digital terrain model, which in turn makes it possible to factor in the run-off via the network. This RHT enables a better estimate of the boundaries of the drainage basin, the surfaces of the basins and the slope of the segments. An extensive reworking of the network was undertaken in order to create consistency between the actual and the simulated run-off. 

The environmental features were calculated for all of the arcs of the network within the ESTIMKART (see the description and references in the downloadable manual below) model platform. Among other things, they comprise estimates of drainage basin surfaces, slopes, average flow rates and minimum monthly flow rates, flow duration, curve estimation, peak discharges with 10 years return period, sediment widths and depths of the water module, and the probability of various fish species being present. The confidence intervals around the calculated variables are given.  

Reference to cite for each use of the RHT

Pella H., Lejot J., Lamouroux N., Snelder T. (in press). The theoretical hydrographical network (RHT) for France and its environmental attributes

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Documents to download – Geographic layer, features and user manual

Access rights to the following data layers are necessary for using the RHT:

  • Aurhely reference values (1960-1990) of Météo-France
  • BD Alti IGN® with a 50 m grid width
  • BD Carthage IG®

This archive is password-protected in order to manage access and proprietary rights. A password can be requested by e-mailing herve.pella@irstea.fr.

  • Download the RHT and its features
  • The archive can be navigated with the free PowerArchiver tool
  • The file entitled RHT-Lisezmoi.txt in the archive explains how to use the RHT

ESTIMKART platform user manual

Lamouroux N., Pella H., Vanderbecq A., Sauquet E., Lejot J. (2010) Estimkart 2.0: Une plate-forme de modèles écohydrologiques pour contribuer à la gestion des cours d'eau à l'échelle des bassins français. Draft version. Cemagref – Rhône-Mediterranean and Corsica Water Agency – ONEMA

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The ESTIMKART application in its entirety is not free software.