Irstea implements support actions dedicated to central and decentralised services from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fishing (MAAP) in response to their needs: Sinfotech is the dedicated support website.


Encourage information diffusion and exchange between Irstea and services from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in addition to agricultural teaching colleges.

The beneficiaries of the dedicated support are:

  • decentralised MAAP departments;
  • MAAP central administration boards and departments;
  • the technical and senior agricultural teaching colleges;

other services from ministries and organisations with the MAAP attribute fields such as land support engineering or forestry policy.

Fields of dedicated support:

There are 33 fields of intervention which can be accessed on Sinfotech; they are spread over 6 topic files:

  • Agricultural activity
  • Environment, water
  • Rural public services
  • Forest, security
  • Land, planning
  • SIRS (spatially referenced information systems) (GIS, IS)

Resources on line

  • Sinfotech files
  • Over 1,000 references on line: technical articles, publications, study reports, websites, software, videos.
  • A list of contacts to find the right person for a job,
  • Access to the Ingénieries journal, FNDAE (French National Fund for the Development of Drinking Water Conveyance) documents, Editions Quae and the Irstea document and publications database.

Consult the Sinfotech website to find out more on how to act in favour of the dedicated support organisation and the conditions to do so.

The Sinfotech website