SISTEM - Regional information systems for mountain environments

This division manages a large collection of statistical information with a common link from across mainland France and geographical information on regional coverage on a variety of scales. The collection is linked to technical and methodological knowledge of data processing and analysis. In partnership with services from the Grenoble Center and other units, particularly TETIS in Montpellier, the division supports the research and support activities for public actions led by the unit, as well as those from the DTAM RT and the Center. SISTEM supports public decision-making nationally and at various regional levels through a CGET-Irstea partnership, currently being finalized. Current themes include socioeconomics, tourism, the environment, farming and pastoralism and ecology.

Division background and aims

The aim of the division is to support the Unit's research areas and the public policy and action support processes. To achieve this, it uses and adapts information processing methods and techniques in accordance with research and promotion needs. The division keeps up to date with new technology that could be useful to researchers and develops in-house processing capacities for mapping and statistical analysis.

It is positioned at the interface between information analysis and thematic analysis, between development and capitalization, for tools as well as targeted methods and analyses.

The division's main areas of activity are:

  • collecting and acquiring data, modeling, integrating and managing databases
  • developing web interfaces to distribute and promote data from research, developing statistical or mapping analysis modules, and specific user interfaces.
  • training and supporting researchers throughout the data process (gathering, storing, processing, promoting) and maintaining systems and applications.

Methods, tools and stakeholders for regional reflection © J.J. Collicard -

Resources and techniques implemented

The main development tools are: DB (PostgreSQL/Postgis), web-mapping (Mapserver, Openlayers, GeoExt), statistics and geostatistics (R), programming (php, javascript, python).

The range of regional scales covered by the tools developed and databases created is large: from mainland France divided by municipality, to cadastral parcels on farms, and including ecological pasture units and ski resorts.

  • Client-server architecture to manage databases
  • A web portal comprising dedicated applications based on open-source software (Php, Mapserver, PostgreSQL/Postgis, ExtJS, GeoExt, Openlayers, etc.)

The team

  • Frédéric Bray, geomatics and IT, web mapping, system design (Division manager)
  • André Torre, IT, databases, processing module development
  • Dominique Borg, statistics

Recent creations and promotions

Most of these sites are only available through our intranet.

In partnership with Tetis JRU

Web portal to promote consumption data for farmlands in Languedoc-Roussillon (contact E. Barbe)

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