Michel Lang, Chair of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Société Hydrotechnique de France

On January 1, 2019, Michel Lang, a flood specialist from Irstea's Lyon-Villeurbanne Center, was named Chair of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Société Hydrotechnique de France (SHF), a prestigious learned society working in the field of hydraulics research.

SHF and Irstea, a successful partnership

With over 600 individual and institutional members, the SHF encourages the progress, development and distribution of knowledge and scientific culture across all fields relating to water resources and hydrotechnical sciences. It promotes scientific debate between its members, organizes training and information events, and provides a dynamic national and international network. The society's work is primarily distributed by the French journal La Houille Blanche, which has encouraged the transfer of knowledge in water science and management since 1902. Irstea researchers are the second largest contributors to this journal after the CNRS. They are also regularly involved in events organized by SHF to share news of their research results and expertise.

Michel Lang, a recognized expert

Michel Lang's nomination is a recognition of his scientific journey as a hydrologist specializing in the study of floods. As the coordinator for several research programs on flooding, he is currently working to improve extreme flood estimation methods using various recent and older information sources. These include hydrometeorological databases (20th century), ancient flood documents (18th and 19th centuries), and recreating extreme flood levels by analyzing flood sediment. His new role means he is now responsible for leading scientific activity at SHF, including organizing yearly Scientific and Technical Board meetings, symposia and scientific award ceremonies. His vice-chair will be Nicole Goutal, an EdF researcher.

Michel Lang is also a member of the AFPCN (French association for the prevention of natural disasters) scientific council.

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