UsIG Team

Research team leader : Elodie Valette (Cirad) 

+33 (0)4 67 59 39 67 –+33 (0)4 99 61 21 62


The UsIG team organises their research along three main lines:

  • Characterisation of territorial dynamics:

Analysing the issues and roles of the various stakeholders and evaluating the contribution of rural activities to sustainable development.

  • Assistance programs:

Evaluating participatory processes and procedures; encouraging stakeholders to use shared referentials to improve training processes and technical implementations and to explore ethical questions (the relationship between politicians and scientists; the neutrality of researchers, etc.).

  • Studying the roles and effects of information and communications systems in support processes:

Using theories in various scientific disciplines – information sciences, communications and knowledge acquisition – to characterise devices, study the conditions leading to use, analyse intended and observed uses in situ, study the flow of information within the networks of stakeholders, and evaluate their effects (cognitive, relational, organisational, partnership, sustainability of land use, etc).



Researchers/Engineers: Eric Barbe, Pierre Maurel


Researchers/Engineers: Muriel Bonin, Perrine Burnod, Jacques Imbernon, Géraud Magrin, Cécile Martignac, Patricio Mendez del Vilar, Marc Piraux, André Teyssier, Jean-Philippe Tonneau, Elodie Valette