Water Infrastructure Asset Management (GPIE)

Research Unit Environment, territory and infrastructure (ETBX)

Team manager Eddy Renaud


Construction of the water networks in France started at the end of the 19th century and has continued to this day, reaching its peak during the 1970s and 1980s. With first service work now complete, public authorities and network managers are dealing with the issue of how to secure the networks. This problem, which touches upon water resource management, infrastructure sustainability and health safety, has led to the implementation of an asset management program. Infrastructure linked to water is a high value asset with a long service life. Its management must therefore be based on a long-term approach that is able to integrate environmental developments linked to global change and new technologies.  It is at the heart of technical, organizational (service), economic and financial (costs and benefits), environmental (resources) and social (regional governance, users) issues that need to be dealt with using an interdisciplinary approach, combining engineering science, mathematics and human and social sciences.

Research carried out by the GPIE team focuses on producing knowledge, methods and tools to help public authorities and network managers to create optimized asset management strategies for water infrastructure. It is organized around three themes:

  • evaluating and understanding the performance and risks linked to infrastructure,
  • optimizing asset management strategies as part of a long-term projection,
  • designing and developing operational methods and tools.


Engineering science ; Hydraulics ; Applied mathematics ; Statistics ; Computer science ; Economics


Infrastructure asset management ; water system modeling ; risk and performance ; safety ; reducing losses ; renewal ; resilience ; sustainability ; users ; critical infrastructures ; reliability ; hydraulics

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Our team

RENAUD Eddy, Engineering
Permanent staff
GILBERT Denis, Hydraulics
HADDANE Karim, Computer science
HUSSON Alain, Engineering science
LEGAT Yves, Statistics
PILLER Olivier, Applied mathematics
SABATIE Sandrine, Computer science
Fixed-term staff with contracts longer than 1 year
RODICQ Camille, Engineering science
RULLEAU Bénédicte, Economics
PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows
BRAUN Mathias, PhD candidate in Applied mathematics
LARGE Aurore, PhD candidate in Engineering science