Youth Section

Evaluate the quality of a river, manage forests sustainably, improve natural risk prevention, measure minute levels of pollutants, produce power from waste, follow fish in waterways, monitor the health of the planet from space, reconcile agriculture, human health and the health of the planet. These are only a few examples of the issues that environmental research must address. Through our films, quizzes and scientific files, come and discover how research and technology implemented at IRSTEA (National Institute for Environmental and Agricultural Science and Research) currently enable most of these challenges to be met.

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Aquatic biodiversity workshops

Fish, aquatic plants, freshwater invertebrates, algae and other common species of rivers in France will be in the spotlight! The common feature of these organisms also known as bioindicators: to act as a barometer of ecological quality which goes beyond their biodiversity.

atelier bioindication, manipulation de microscopes par des enfants


In the programme: activities on bioindication and biomarkers, the development of banks, rivers and their repopulation by migratory fish, the discovery of a mesocosm (an artificial river), observations of freshwater invertebrates, but also interviews with scientists from IRSTEA and INERIS (French National Institute of Industrial Environments and Risks).

An Irstea, INERIS and Planète Sciences event,
at the Palais de la Découverte, Paris
20-22 December, 10am – 6pm