ATTOS team

Research team leader : Nicolas Baghdadi (Irstea) +33 (0)4 67 54 87 24

The ATTOS team is organised to pursue three lines of research:

  • Technology scouting and formulation of new systems for gathering and qualifying data:
    • Drones, ultra-light aircraft and measuring instruments;
    • Radiometry and geometry.
  • Signal and image processing, spatial analysis:
  • Optics, radar and LIDAR;
  • Development of tools for extracting physical variables, segmentation, classification, modelling and inversion.
  • Facilitating knowledge transfers by improving the transferability and propagation of cartography methods and training.


Irstea (National Institute for Environmental and Agricultural Science and Research)

Research engineers: Nicolas Baghdadi, Sylvie Durrieu, Pascal Kosuth, Kenji Osé, Sylvain Labbé

Technicians: Laurent Albrecht

CIRAD (Agricultural Research for Development)

Research engineers: Agnès Bégué, Xavier Augusseau, Stéphane Dupuy, Audrey Jolivot, Gérard Lainé, Valentine Lebourgeois, Camille Lelong, Pierre Todoroff

Technicians: Annie Desbrosse

‘Associate’ scientist: Guerric Le Maire