OHAX RU - Geomechanics Platform - AIX

7 Permanent FTEs - Soil Mechanics Laboratory: physical characterisation - direct shear for soil, concrete and geosynthetic materials - innovative systems for resistance of soil to water erosion and instability - Fibre optics to detect leaks, etc.

Specialties: soil physics and geomechanics - Geomaterials and granular media, interacting with water (erosion, instabilities) - Development of computational geomechanics and fluid mechanics - etc.

Socio-economic partnerships: competent engineering companies working on dams or dykes (Coyne and Bellier, ISL Engineering, Safege, Sogreah, etc.) - CIH EDF (Hydraulic Engineering Centre) - CETE Mediterranee (Technical Study and Engineering Centre) - Partnership with SYMADREM (Joint Union of interregional development of dykes in the delta of the Rhone and the sea).

Contact:   Alain Bernard

Geomechanics and Erosion



Interactions between cohesive soils or granular soils, and internal fluid or interface flow, continuous or discrete computer modelling, laboratory, analysis of field measurements

On a granular scale

  • Discrete modelling of the behaviour of rockfill
  • Couette shear of a granular medium
  • Local modelling of a granular medium with fluid
  • Gravitational instability of a drained granular soil

At the content level

  • Continuous modelling of the behaviour of rockfill
  • Flow boundary layer with erosion
  • Development of the Hole Erosion Test
  • Interpretation of the Hole Erosion Test
  • Theory of mixtures and erosion
  • Digital modelling of fluid / solid interface with erosion

On the structures scale

  • Gravitational instability of a drained granular soil
  • Modelling of a rockfill dam by finite elements
  • Delay analysis of pore pressure measurements in a dam
  • Delay analysis of temperature measurements in a dyke
  • How to evaluate the residual strength at rupture by hydraulic gradient?

The project team


  • Nadia Benahmed (CR)
  • Stéphane Bonelli (CR, Research supervisor)
  • Pierre Philippe (CR)

Technical services

  • Alain Bernard (IE, Head of the Testing Laboratory)
  • Yves Grémeaux
  • Guillaume Nunes

Doctorate students (current or recent)

  • Olivier Brivois
  • Damien Lachouette
  • Krzysztof Radzicki
  • Claire Silvani

Research Collaboration

  • R. Borghi, O. Débordes, T. Desoyer, F. Mazerolle (LMA, Marseille)
  • F.Golay, P.Seppecher (ANAM Université du Sud, Toulon Var)
  • L. Bergougnoux, M. Nicolas, O. Pouliquen (IUSTI Marseille)
  • F. Dubois (LMGC Montpellier)
  • P.-Y. Hicher, D. Marot, N. Saiyouri (Gem Nantes and Saint Nazaire)
  • B. Cambou, E. Vincens (LTDS, Lyon)
  • A. Paquier (CEMAGREF HHLY, Lyon)
  • G. Chambon, T. Faug (CEMAGREF ETNA, Grenoble)
  • F. Anselmet, C. Kharif (IRPHE, Marseille)


Industrial Collaboration

  • Coyne-et-Bellier (Gennevilliers)
  • EDF-CIH (Chambéry)
  • EDF-DTG (Grenoble)
  • MSI-Industrial Measurements and Simulations (La Ciotat)
  • Principia (La Ciotat)



Scientific Production

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