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ERA-NET ICT-AGRI - Coordination of European Research within ICT and Robotics in Agriculture and Related Environmental Issues

TWISTER et NeT-ADDeD: New Technologies to Avoid Digital Division in e-Divided areas

OTAG - Operational Management and Geodecisional Prototype to Track and Trace Agricultural Production

Pilote du projet : Dominique Didelot
This Specific Support Actions will complement the implementation of the 6th Framework Programme and may be used to help in preparations for future Community research and technological development policy activities including monitoring and assessment activities related to food safety and security. In particular, they will involve conferences, seminars, improvement studies andprototype implementation analyses involvement of working groups, expert groups as well as users group, operational support and dissemination, information and communication activities, or a combination of these, as appropriate in a SSA program.

The aim of OTAG is to a sustainable, easily understood of track and trace emerging risks in beef production in the context of Southern Cone Countries and the EU policies. OTAG focuses on improving (i) innovative economically viable mechanism, methods and geotechnologies, for recording reliable and accurate data on the origin and primary production of beef as well as the environmental conditions of the pasture territory and (ii) put in place an operational geodecisional system under control conditions, to track and trace the mobility, provenance and state of beef cattle using emerging geospatial and geocommunication technologies. This SSA project take force on the European and Canadian knowledge, existing operational systems and precision geoinformatics tools as well as the interaction of experts and users group from Southern Cone Countries, Canada and EU. This SSA will take advantages of all the previous EU projects as well as the actual state of the art to demonstrate by a combination of operational prototype, dissemination, information and communication activities how we can efficiently support the management of emerging risks in beef production in the context of Southern Cone Countries and the EU policies.

The consortium includes partners from France (Irstea ), Canada, Brazil, and a Southern Cone platform. Each of the participants will have specific tasks within the work packages leading or contributing to them in a collaborative perspective to ensure the dialogue between EU and Southern Cone players.
The consortium OTAG is compose by five different partners : Cirad, Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária - Embrapa, Université de Laval - Québec, Cooperative Program for the Technological Development of the Agro-food and Agroindustry in the Southern Cone – Procisur


Il s'agit d'un projet sur les structures et modèles spatiaux innovants. L'équipe d'Irstea à contribué sur la modélisation conceptuelle du modèle et à la définition de contraintes d'intégrité avec UML et OCL.

Partenaires : École Navale de Brest, Université Nationale de Pusan (Corée du Sud), Limos