Mihai Tivadar


Domaine de compétence

- économie urbaine

- choix résidentiels

- modélisation systèmes de transports


Projets réalisés et en cours

2009-2010 : SUIM Project: Innovative Urban Services for a new culture of mobility in a context of sustainable development”, Université de Lille 1

2007-2009 : PLUREL Project (Peri-urban Land Use Relationships - Strategies and Sustainability Assessment Tools for Urban-Rural Linkages), within the European Commission’s sixth framework programme, Cemagref Grenoble


Publications :

M.TIVADAR: “It is better to live in a US or a European City?”, Regional Science and Urban Economics 40 (2010) 221–227

Travaux en cours :

M. TIVADAR and H. JAYET: “Endogenous amenities and spatial structure of cities”

M. TIVADAR and H. JAYET: “Second best congestion tolls and city spatial structure”

M TIVADAR, N. BERTRAND, T. RAMBONILAZA : “Aged population settlement patterns within the process of peri-urbanisation : a residential location choice perspective analysis with French data”

M TIVADAR: “Commuting Modelling and Urban Transportation Policies: Application for Lens Area”

M TIVADAR, C. TARTIU: “Hotelling applied in tourism economics